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Case Studies

MartinFederal Consulting Case StudyMartinFederal Consulting

View Challenge, Solution & Results [PDF]

MartinFederal Consulting is an innovative technology company with four distinct lines of business: cyber and systems security, enterprise and IT support, intelligence services and programmatics. It’s an 8(a) minority Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOSB) certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) with 26 employees, and it works with the government to offer infrastructure and operations support as well as systems engineering and technology solutions.


Human capital management is a critical part of any successful business, but MartinFederal’s first payroll vendor ended up creating more work for the company, not less. Corey Marti,  Challenge Human capital management is a critical part of any successful business, but MartinFederal’s first payroll vendor ended up creating more work for the company, not less. Corey Martin, owner of MartinFederal, encountered many problems with MartinFederal’s first payroll management partner. The vendor couldn’t get any part of the system correct, and even keeping up with accrual rates and documenting vacation paid time off were challenges for MartinFederal’s HR vendor. The HR infrastructure MartinFederal had to rely on was a system of spreadsheets.

The company’s customer service was also a problem. Corey said whenever they had a problem with the system, their calls would get routed across the country, and the company couldn’t rely on speaking to the same customer service representative that they had spoken to before.


MartinFederal needed an HR solution that was integrated and took work off of the company’s shoulders, and it found the right web-based software through Triton HR. MartinFederal decided to utilize Triton’s human capital solution, an intuitive platform that gives the company’s innovative Payroll/HR technology along with employee self-service that provides instant access to their direct deposit, W-2 and Paid Time Off. 

View how MartinFederal has benefited by switching to Triton HR!

MartinFederal Consulting Case StudyIndian Jewelers Supply

View Challenge, Solution & Results [PDF]

New Mexico-based Indian Jewelers Supply Company is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) business with more than 30 employees. It is a supplier of high-quality precious metals and has metal fabrication and casting divisions. Founded by M.L. Woodard in 1943, the successful company works with Native American tribes on their custom-made designs as well as with hobbyists, other craftsman and resellers in the jewelry industry.


Jack Dill, president, CEO and CFO of IJS, takes a hands-on approach to IJS’s payroll and HR issues. For Dill, it is imperative that the small company has efficient, easy-to-use human resources tools in place for all of IJS’ employees without these tools putting too much strain on the company’s finances, manpower and time.
However, ISJ had been experiencing many issues with its payroll application.

Its payroll provider didn’t have a check-printing solution and IJS employees had to keep their own paid time off and sick-time accrual rates. The vendor didn’t develop a reporting system, so an IJS worker had to remain in HR mode constantly. Yet despite these inefficiencies, IJS was paying its vender a hefty fee and was still picking up much of the work it was paying the vendor to do.


The solution Triton HR presented was one that specifically focused on small businesses with small-to-nonexistent HR departments and which need to concentrate more on growth than on busy administrative HR tasks. Triton HR was able to move IJS away from using numerous excel sheets and offer a web-based solution for all their payroll and HR needs. IJS’s choice of application helped them file federal, state and local payroll tax and provide flexible payroll options. It also provided a time and attendance system, access HR tools and have a dedicated customer service representative instead of a call center. IJS also gained the ability to track PTO and was able to create a company handbook. Triton HR’s payroll and HR solution ensured IJS remained in compliance with labor laws by providing guidance on these matters through HR tools, their dedicated representative, e-newsletters and alerts as well as an available HR consultant.

View how Indian Jewelers Supply has benefited by switching to Triton HR!

HRIS Technology

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